Storage Charges Policy

Delta offers shipping terms FCA, CPT and CIP (Incoterms 2010) to allow customers the choice to better manage the risk and cost associated with the transportation of goods.

Delta will send the customer a Pre-Dispatch Advice at 8.00am 2 days prior to the dispatch date of the goods. At 8.00am on the dispatch date a dispatch advise is sent to indicate that the goods are ready for despatch or collection. Where the customer has selected FCA shipping terms the customer must organise for the collection and transportation of the goods after 08:00 on the nominated Dispatch date. Where the customer has selected CPT or CIP shipping terms, Delta will organise transportation on the customers behalf.

Where the goods are not collected or able to be transported on the nominated dispatch date, customers will be advised that the collection and transportation must take place within 5 working days of the nominated Dispatch date before storage charges will be incurred. Storage charges will be backdated to the nominated Dispatch date and will be calculated as per the formula below.

At its discretion, Delta may use a third party storage provider or provide storage at its own facility on behalf of the customer. This will have no bearing on the calculation of storage charges. All costs and risks associated with storage remain the responsibility of the customer. (FCA, CPT, CIP Incoterms 2010)

Formula for calculation of Storage Charges:

  • Customers will be advised that Storage charges are applicable for goods not collected or transported on the nominated Dispatch date under FCA, CPT and CIP shipping terms.
  • Where goods are not collected or transported within 5 working days for FCA, CPT or CIP shipping terms, storage charges will be applicable from the nominated dispatch date until the goods are eventually collected or transported.
  • Storage charges will be calculated, charged and invoiced in weekly increments. Storage charges are calculated as follows:
    • $300.00 administration and service charge + $45.00 per pallet per week (or part thereof) – invoiced weekly.

Where goods are in a third party storage facility, customers will be advised of the address details for the collection and or direct transportation of the goods from the nominated third party storage facility.

The Invoice date for all goods is the nominated date on the Dispatch Advice (FCA, CPT, CIP Incoterms 2010) irrespective of whether the goods remain in storage.


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