CIP (Incoterms 2010) Freight Offer

Unless otherwise agreed in writing all deliveries will be Ex Works (Incoterms 2010 FCA). Delta is not responsible for loss or damage in transit.

For all FCA or CPT shipments we assume the buyer will have insurance for loss or damage in transit.
Where purchased by the customer and accepted by Delta for a specific order shipment we will effect insurance for loss or damage in transit on behalf of the Customer (Incotems 2010 CIP). This means the risk for loss or damage in transit remains w ith the customer, how ever the insurance for that risk w ill be organised on the customer’s behalf by Delta


Calculation and Coverage:

  • Insurance is calculated based on single shipment for an order as def ined by the invoice value of the goods to be shipped to the nominated deliv ery address.
  • Limited to the invoice value for the shipment for which the CIP shipment applies, exclusive of all taxes, duties and tariffs.
  • Valid for all overland shipments to the named deliv ery address. Sea and air shipments are excluded.
  • Cover is for loss of goods or damage to goods in transit
  • Damage caused during unloading, re-loading and or on-f orwarding is not covered.
  • Shipments, as well as return shipments f or the goods f rom our product range, especially wire decking and backing sy stems.
  • Freight charges f or return of goods and re-deliv ery of goods.
  • At its discretion, Delta may choose to repair or remake the goods.
  • Damaged goods remain the sole property of Delta.

Premium Calculation:

  • The premium f or a CIP shipment is an additional 3.0‰ of the inv oice v alue of the goods.
  • This premium is charged in addition to the v alue of the goods and to any charges f or deliv ery on the customer’s behalf .

Period of cover:

  • The period of CIP cover starts when the goods are loaded and ends when the goods are delivered by the carrier to the named deliv ery address f or which the inv oice relates.


  • Cover is limited at the option of Delta to repair or re-supply the goods again or the cost of repairing or supply ing the goods again.
  • A delay of the transit of the goods f or any reason whatsoev er. Including delay s due to the repair or remake of the damage or lost goods.
  • Consequential loss or damages of any kind including claims made by third parties. Damage due to humidity or temperature f luctuations,
  • Conf iscation or detention by Gov ernment officials or authorities.
  • Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by : Rust, oxidisation, discolouration, mould, mildew, moths, vermin, insects or other inf estation, heating, sweating or any v ariation in temperature, scratching or chipping f rom the ordinary wear and tear during carriage, Force Majeure
  • Cover is offered at the sole discretion of Delta and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time to any customer f or any reason.

Time to claim:

  • A claim must be made within 7 working days from the date of the delivery .
  • There are no rights to claim after 7 working days.

Customer Obligations:

  • The goods must be inspected f or damage prior to unloading the deliv ery . Where damage is visible, this must be noted and reported immediately on the carrier’s deliv ery adv ice.
  • Where loss or damage in transit has occurred that was not ev ident at the time of delivery , the cus tomer must adv ise Delta in writing within 7 working days f rom when the goods were delivered, rejected or accepted by the customer.
  • The customer must complete a Delta Return Material Authorisation (RMA) f orm including details and ev idence of the loss or dam age in transit bef ore acceptance by Delta.
  • Delta may request the customer to prepare any damaged goods f or collection.
  • Delta may at its own choice choose to scrap or sell any damaged goods
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