Why MantaMESH


MantaMESH® Wire Decking provides an unmatched contribution to safety, compliance and performance, all within an internationally competitive offer.

Standard MantaMESH has no sharp edges due to its innovative SafeEDGE® design which greatly reduces the risk of snag hazards. Combined with the high degree of visibility through the mesh panel, MantaMESH provides significant safety and stock handling benefits.

MantaMESH has been designed to match or exceed the most important of industry standards. With more than 70% open area, MantaMESH exceeds the shelving compliance requirements for both NFPA 13 and the FM Global Approval Standard for ESFR Sprinklers.

MantaMESH exceeds FM Global and NFPA 13 Standards

MantaMESH is tested to the ANSI MH 26.2 – 2007 Standard to ensure structural integrity under load. This guarantees that your MantaMESH wire deck will support a Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) as specified.

No tools are required to install MantaMESH and it is configurable to meet all rack and beam designs.

MantaMESH wire decking can be customised to meet your warehouse and storage needs.

The complementary MantaCLIP® Divider and Binning System integrates seamlessly with MantaMESH wire decking to create binning and partitioning options.

With each of these features and an internationally competitive offer, MantaMESH is the market-leading wire decking solution.

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