Compliance Matters

Is your wire decking compliant?  It’s a simple enough question and one that we know is important to buyers and users of a compliant warehouse storage solution.

Leading manufacturers and integrators of warehouse storage solutions design and engineer their racking systems to comply with industry endorsed standards. In addition to determining loads and carrying capacities of the racking structure, these standards also define the maximum allowable deflection and the safety factor for any given rack design.

When considering the use of wire decking in a compliant warehouse storage solution, it is important to know that the product will stand up to the same degree of evaluation. This ensures the safety, performance and compliance of the whole storage system.

For wire decking, the industry standard is ANSI MH26.2-2007 for the design, testing and utilization of welded wire rack decking.  Just like the industry standards for racking system compliance, ANSI MH26.2 – 2007 defines the maximum allowable deflection and the maximum capacity of a compliant wire deck – independent of the rack beams.

With a maximum allowable deflection of “Rack Depth (mm) ÷ 165” and a maximum capacity that must support a 200% safety factor – Independent of the rack beams - wire decking compliance is a critical consideration in the safety and performance of your compliant warehouse storage solution.

The next time you consider wire decking as part of your compliant storage solution, make sure you ask “Is it compliant?”

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