The Orange Tag

At first glance, wire decking may all look the same. However, not all wire decking is made equally. Depending on the design and manufacture, wire decking can vary greatly in performance and quality. If your wire decking isn’t made to a dependable standard you won’t have the confidence that it will support its claimed load.  How do you know that your wire decking is up to standard? The answer is simple: Look for the Orange Tag.

Only genuine MantaMESH® wire decking comes with the Orange Tag. The Orange Tag is your guarantee that wire decking is designed and manufactured to comply with the globally recognised ANSI MH26.2-2007 standard. MantaMESH is independently tested by an ILAC endorsed testing authority to ensure that it complies.

ANSI MH26.2-2007 provides a guideline for the design, testing, fabrication and utilisation of wire decking. Detailed testing procedures assist in identifying and limiting the acceptable deflection of wire decking under a specific Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL). The application of this standard provides confidence that all MantaMESH wire decking will support your required UDL with guaranteed integrity and a controlled deflection.

Proven in thousands of storage applications globally, MantaMESH has become the preferred wire decking solution for many of the world’s leading companies across a range of industries and applications.

Look for the Orange Tag!


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