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Wire Decking ComparisonMantaMESH for Box Storage

Delivering superior Safety, Compliance and Performance outcomes, MantaMESH® for Box Storage is a globally competitive product. Compare for yourself the advantages of choosing a world-leading shelving solution.

Fire Compliance

Customers are increasingly demanding the best in fire compliance and MantaMESH for Box Storage is the leading fire compliance solution for the Records Management Industry.

With 70% open area MantaMESH exceeds the shelving specifications for both NFPA 13 and FM Global Standard 6914. These two standards have been overwhelmingly adopted by the Records Management Industry as the cornerstone of any fire risk management system.

By choosing MantaMESH for Box Storage you are choosing the most effective shelving solution for your fire compliance program.

Safety, Performance and Competitive Outcomes

MantaMESH for Box Storage delivers benefits beyond fire compliance.

Top wires at 25mm apertures significantly reduce the friction and force required to move boxes or cartons. Independent research shows that MantaMESH for Box Storage requires 50% less force to slide a 16kg box compared to solid shelving and significantly less force than required on alternative shelving systems.

The 25mm top wire apertures also provide superior support for boxes and cartons. The reduced space between each wire prevents boxes from settling or tipping.

Unlike alternative shelving solutions, MantaMESH requires no complex installation, fixing or fastening, meaning swifter and lower cost-per-box installation.

Compare for yourself and insist on MantaMESH for your next installation.

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