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Compare for Yourself | 15/02/2013
MantaMESH® Wire Decking is Best in Class. Delivering superior outcomes for the Records Management Industry, MantaMESH for Box Storage is the best in class. 

The Orange Tag | 14/02/2013
Which wire decking is designed and manufactured to a globally recognised and trustworthy standard? Look for the Orange Tag!

Records management is highly competitive dominated by a few large players. However, Access Records succeeds against larger competitors by providing exceptional service levels, with guaranteed delivery in under two hours to anywhere in metro Sydney.

Cleanliness, ease of use, improved visibility and fire safety are all benefits sportswear distributor adidas appreciates from the use of MantaMESH® wire decking in its 10,000m2 national distribution centre (DC) at Mulgrave in Melbourne.

A common problem in warehouses is how best to store goods on non-standard pallets. This was a big issue for global power tool supplier STIHL, which receives stock on Euro pallets.

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